Frequently Asked Questions

Normally just a few days, it’s all dependant on what we have in stock and what is due to be returned to us.

Apart from just looking after the cabin there is no maintenance required. All the materials we use have been chosen to be as maintenance free as possible.

Mostly its quality solution dyed carpet but if you especially require a solid floor like a vinyl for say a hairdressing business etc, I’m sure we can accommodate you.

Yes, its 3 months, but we have been known to break the rules on occasion, best to get in contact with us with us to discuss your unique requirements.

In the unlikely event of a problem of some kind we will rectify the issue immediately and if we have a cabin available a replacement will be offered immediately.

Yes in the greater Auckland area. We can get a very good idea about access if you can send us a few photos of your property if you are out of town. Alternatively if you are looking for a long term rental out of Auckland we can complete an onsite appraisal.

It’s simple, as long as the minimum rental period has been met, we will only require a two week notice of intention to return the cabin.

Not if it involves a simple hook up and return to base. If the use of a hiab is required then there will be a charge.

Yes….provided that the cabin is returned just the way we rented it out, clean and tidy with no damage.

Usually within a few days, it may depend on which size you will be wanting.

There are a number of ways you can order your cabin. You can give me a call any time of day on 0277416011 to discuss your individual requirements, email me at or use our online booking request form.

Every cabin comes with its own 15m cable designed and certified for caravans and cabins. Simply plug one end into the exterior power socket then plug the other end into your house socket or power box if located on a building site.

You will need a 3.3m height clearance (from trees or house eves).

No problem, we use a hiab crane on a truck, this service usually costs $150.00 but does depend on where you are located and the difficulty of access but we can check all that out before you decide.

No, we take it with us along with the wheels, so there is nothing to smack your shins onto! Yay.

Level ground will always help. Fortunately our cabins have adjustable feet which makes locating the cabin fairly easy. We need a footprint of 5m x 3m to locate a cabin

Every Quality Cabin comes with two double power points with 2 x usb charging ports on each power point. We use flush mounted interior and exterior LED lights with dimmers. Each cabin is certified to be fit for purpose and is issued with a Electrical WOF and smoke alarm.

As our cabins are on wheels, they do not come under the Building Act.  Therefore you shouldn’t need a building consent. Furthermore, the Department of Building and Housing regulations do not require a building consent if your building does not exceed one story and does not exceed 10 square metres in floor area, and does not contain cooking or sanitary facilities or a portable water supply. However, if you are unsure, please contact your local council for clarification.

Yes. The bond varies depending on the size cabin you choose however it is usually $200 but no more than $300. At the end of the hire when the cabin is returned in excellent condition your bond will be refunded.

Yes, we tow the cabins to you. We will set your cabin up level on your site. If you want your cabin shifted (e.g. if you’re moving house) we will do this for a small fee.

By all means but we will do that for you. Best to give us a call to let us know of your plans.

Yes. For a typical installation it’s $200 for drop off and pickup, that’s $200 in total.. Some installations may require the use of a Hiab and if you are more than 100kms away from the Auckland CBD and extra charge may apply. Best to get on the phone and see what we can do, we don’t want to disappoint you.

Testing for P contamination in all rental properties is more than likely going to be a prerequisite in the very near future. QCR Ltd want to lead the way by P testing every cabin upon collection from a tenancy period. If any P is detected the police are notified and the tenant is hel liable for anny repair to the cabin. You can rest assured that the cabin that you rent from QCR LTD will be free of P contamination prior to renting it out.