MINI MOVER GEN2 Electric Trailer Mover for boats, caravans, work trailers, horse floats…..

The latest and greatest trailer mover… the Mini Mover Gen 2!

We have been successfully selling the Gen 1 model for years but the new Gen 2 has set a new benchmark in build quality, power, performance and affordability.

Mini Mover Price: $595NZ

Designed to easily attach to any draw-bar of trailers, boat trailers, caravans, pretty much anything that can be towed behind a domestic vehicle. If you’re finding that boat, trailer, caravan just too heavy to push around or tuck down that tight spot on your driveway then you need the Mini mover Gen 2 trailer mover.

The MiniMover Gen2 is sporting some new features:

New 550w 12v motor

Automatic Brake

New freewheel clutch feature

6-7 meter per minute

Move on incline of less than 7 degrees

New Max vehicle load on level ground 2722kg (6000lbs)

New Max jockey wheel load 498kg (1100lbs)

You will require a battery of at least 20ah to efficiently use the mover, I find a portable battery jump pack works great.

Our new Mini mover Gen 2 body and wheel hub is manufactured out of cast alloy for strength and lightweight portability. The handle is now two piece for easy storage.


Each mover comes with a 12 month warranty, GST invoice and personal service.

Mini Mover FAQ

$595NZ plus freight or can pick up from Auckland

Supplied with mover, remote handle, cable, instructions and mounting hardware

The motor is a 12v 550w. Gearbox is a planetary style.

Not recommended. Your standard jockey wheel will still have it’s uses. It will enable you to attach the Mini Mover. Also, you will not want to leave the Mini Mover out in the weather.

20ah hour battery is recommended

6-7 meters per minute

Yes, an automatic one when the mover is turned off.

Mover also has a freewheel option by means of manual engagement of the yellow clutch disc.

By moving the handle from left to right.

The handle can also drop down from a vertical position to horizontal to enable you to look down the side of the trailer as you operate the mover.

12-month warranty return to base. Turnaround is very quick.

No, unit is greased for life.

Heavy use in high moisture environment may require a re-grease.

We have replacements available

Tips and Tricks

The best type of ground to operate the Mover on is a solid one with a coarse aggregate. Grass, gravel or dirt is not recommended.
Stand on the drawbar for extra grip if the tyre slips with a heavy load or incline a little greater than 7 degrees.
Keep your trailer tyres pumped up hard to enable the trailer to move easily.

Black the battery on the drawbar to help with extra downforce.

Use the house battery of your caravan via a cable to eliminate the requirement of buying another battery.

Look at buying a quality jump starter as an alternative to a car battery to operate the mover, just don’t by a cheap one as they are rubbish.
Send me photos of your driveway or intended use area so I can help you decide Contact Dave 027 741 6011 or

Don’t sweat it… your back a favour and get yourself a Mini Mover Gen2 trailer mover!