Terms & Conditions

1. I am aware that when delivery is made I will be required to sign a Quality Cabins lease contract.
2. I am aware that Quality Cabin rentals has the authority to check my credit rating.
3. Upon delivery an installation fee, bond and two week rental will be required.
4. Quality Cabin rentals will require an automatic bank transfer to be set up that will ensure regular weekly or monthly payments.
5. To start the delivery process an application form will be required to be filled out via our website or via email means. A $200 bond deposit will be required and the balance of the initial set-up fee, and one weeks rent paid in advance at time of delivery.
6. Quality Cabin Rentals reserves the right to decline any application, at any time. Your deposit will be refunded in full if your application is declined by us.
7. If you decide to cancel your order of a Quality Cabin prior to delivery your bond will be forfeited.

8. The use of methamphetamine (P) or any kind of recreational drugs inside the cabin will not be tolerated. The occupier renter of the cabin will be held accountable for all costs associated with “decontamination”. At the very least the police will be informed, and the legal occupier prosecuted.

9. Quality Cabin Rentals Ltd “cabins” do not fall under the legal constitution of the NZ Residency Tenancy Agreement, therefore we have the legal right remove our cabin or cabins due to unpaid rent, delivery fee or bond at our descretion.

Contents of Lease Contract

– Quality Cabin Rentals is not responsible for any damage incurred delivering or uplifting a cabin
– Quality Cabin has the right to cancel the lease contract and to remove the cabin for any reason.
– If required, the cost of obtaining Resource Consent for the use of a cabin is the responsibility of the hirer (Contact your local franchisee for more information)
– The hirer cannot make any structural or decorative changes to the cabin including holes made in the walls to hang items or paintings on and the cabin  must be returned in a good, clean condition at the end of the hire period
– There is a penalty payable if the hirer terminates the lease contract before the end of the contract rental period.