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We’ve all said it at some stage, “I need more room!” Everyone can benefit with a little more space…..renting a QCR LTD cabin is an innovative cost effective way to solve your space requirements, and it’s easy. Just call Dave on 027 741 6011.

Cabin rentals is a recent phenomenon in New Zealand and a competitive one at that. Quality Cabins Ltd want to be part of the accommodation solution for Kiwis by offering the most attractive well featured cabins available at a very affordable price. One of the most important key features of our cabins is that they are wider than most which enables a bed to be positioned width ways leaving a greater living area, that extra width really does make the difference.

Key features of our cabins for rent

Refreshing attractive modern design
4.4m long (including deck) 2.6m wide cabins not 2.4m wide and yes that really does make a BIG difference.
Retractable 3m x 2.5m awning option
Security lights
Fully insulated walls, ceiling and floor
Supplied with 15m RCD power cable, tagged and tested
Quality durable carpet with thick underlay.
Sound proof, quiet and solid.
Built in deck and large eve
Designed with drawbar either end, lifting hooks for easy installtion
2 x Double wall sockets with twin USB charges built in each socket.
Built like a house not a fridge.

Why rent a cabin?

Attractive Onsite Storage

Why use off-site storage facilities when you can rent a cabin with the benefit of having all your gear safe and sound with easy access right there on your property.

Extra room when you need it

Extra secure space is just a phone call away, and when you have completed your term…hand it back. Why buy when you can rent, and why add an expensive room extension when all you need is a temporary extra room.

Home office

Working from home can be great….but if you’re strapped for room, clearing the dining table of all your paper work every night before dinner can become a real drag. Rent a QCR LTD cabin instead. We have many cabins being used for offices at residential sites for hairdressing, beauty therapy, physiotherapy, sales and training.

Holiday cabin

We have rented dozens of cabins to bach owners looking for some extra room. They also double up as a great lock up to store your surfboards, kayaks and bikes on that empty holiday section of yours.

Site office

Needing a sophisticated look….something a little more upmarket that the grey knocked about site office.

Hobby room

Take that hobby of yours to a dedicated secure facility and set yourself up just the way you want it, plenty of power points, in-wall usb charges and LED lighting.

Pop-up business shop outlet

If you have a product or service that needs to get some public airtime….why not consider a QCR LTD cabin for that temporary retail/service pop-up site. Call us anytime to discuss your ideas.

 GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE Call Dave on 027-741-6011